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Miscellaneous client work


This pre-college program, which serves than 100 TRIO-eligible high school student in Darlington, Dillon, and Marion Counties, provides access to academic support, after-school and weekend activities, a summer residential program and college placement services.

Spotted Dog

Brand Positioning - Ice Cream


Name: Spotted Dog (targeted to boys and girls) (the ice cream with the dog on the front type thing) 


Target Audience: Parents and elementary school kids


Frame of Reference (competition): Other ice cream brands


Points of Difference: Colorful, but healthy/organic ice cream


Boathouse poster for the department of student engagement.

No Bees Please!

Brand Positioning - Honey


Name: No Bees, Please


Target Audience: Vegans who seek honey


Frame of Reference (competition): Other vegan honey brands


Points of Difference: tastes like real honey without the use of bees

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